Winemaker: Wayne Arendse Appellation: Stellenbosch Variety: Syrah The Wild Plum Vineyard Few black farmers own vineyards in South Africa. The capital required to make even the most modest start is out of reach for the vast majority. A child of farm work, Arleen van Wyk rented a small piece of township land to make a start with vegetable growing. With the assistance of Google, she taught herself how to care for plants and make a living for her family as a market gardener. A kindly loan from her elderly landlord allowed her to buy the property and commence the long-term project of vineyard establishment. Vineyard location Between the winemaking towns of Durbanville and Malmesbury, the small-holding village of Mikpunt in the heart of the Swartland is home to the Wild Plum block. The vineyard has clay-rich soils that have brought international recognition to the Syrah variety. The Winemaking After bunch cooling and grape sorting and a combination of grape skin breaking by a small de-stemmer and foot maceration in an open bin, the mash was allowed to warm and fermentation to start up. Multiple punch downs kept the grape skins moist. When the process was complete the mash was squeezed to separate the solid material and the new wine was moved to a single barrel, where it remained for 24 months. Winemaker’s Comments Gentle spicy aromas greet the nose. The intense but soft tannins provide structure to balance the peach and pepper flavours. A lingering fruit and oak finish completes the impression. Analysis Alcohol 13.48% RS 2.06 g/l TA 5.96 g/l pH 3.56