Our story

A craft does not take a lot of money to learn and perfect. It doesn’t have to happen in a mansion. The communities of Nyanga, Khayalitsha and Philippi know that the wine craft is a simple as any other. They have proved that growing and caring for vines is no more difficult than tending other plants. They also know that wine can be made and cared for with sensitivity and hygiene in a shed, in the way that thousands of garageistes make wine at home all over the world.


The idea of a non-elite winery, owned and staffed by a different culture was formed in 2009. In 2010, The Township Winery concept was revealed on a homespun website, and was spotted by Virgin Wines in the United Kingdom, who commissioned the first wines. After that, the Philippi soils were analysed for suitability and found to be pH neutral, perfect for vineyards and the first Cape Flats vines in 70 years were planted in 2011.

Since then

The Township Winery has trade-marked its brands, enlarged the range of equipment and added new varieties to the range. The export programme has expanded through DTI, WOSA and Wesgro exposure and now includes customers in Germany, Switzerland, Italy and China. Virgin Wines can continued to import The Township Winery products every year for distribution among its 700 000+ upmarket clients. There is also a small set of 5 star restaurant customers in Cape Town.