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little while lies – 200×406
Little White Lies 2015
The Swartland has been outsider country, for people and for grape varieties, for centuries. Where vineyards near the city were subject to changes in fashion, the Swartland remained the bastion of the original varieties.
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Outlaw Riding Hood 200×406
Riding Hood 2014
The four blocks used in this blend are all within a few kilometres of each other and share low fertility and the ability to maintain vine and grape health through the drought and heat period of ripening. In this way they contribute ripe flavours without high alcohol.
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Philippi Sauvignon Blanc 2010
Chosen rows in two of South Africa’s best Sauvignon vineyards provided these grapes, Winner of multiple awards, top result 6th best in South Africa. Improves constantly, gaining richness with age, served in top restaurants.
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The Flats Pinotage 2012
This Fairtrade certified wine was made from the fruit of one of the Cape’s oldest Pinotage vineyards, facing the setting sun and bathed in the warm glow of summer afternoons. Deep red with intense garnet and ruby hue.
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The Flats Viognier 2012
Viognier is a recent addition to the Cape’s winemaking portfolio. This wine was made from a young Fairtrade accredited vineyard regularly cooled by summer’s afternoon sea breeze off the Atlantic..
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Jack & Knox Co-incidence Chardonnay 2005
Lush citrus flavours, lemon and marmalade, vanilla oak
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Jack and Knox Frostline Riesling 2007
Continuously developing, minerality now showing
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DIDO The Storm Mourvedre Shiraz 2009
Supple flavours, racy in the mouth, loads of spice.
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DIDO Pinotage 2015
Plums, raspberries and other red fruit flavours
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Dido Pinot Grigio 2010
Flavours of stone fruits, forthright and elegant
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The Story of The Township Winery

Original and Beautiful

What they lack in size and scale, the Philippi wine community replaces with passion and commitment. Starting over with nothing more than the land under their homes and a lifetime apprenticeship in growing plants, they tend their vines with new pride and dignity, bringing shades of green to the street and fruit to the common effort.

Changing Paradigms

Cape Town families are changing the way we see wine. In recent times, the wine world has become very commercial, but in Cape Town this is changing through a unique project. Single household vineyards and community-owned central winery in the middle of the townships, that’s new.


Taste the pride

The best grapes have no favourites. After years of open competition, all producers now know where to find the best grapes. All township growers share in the grower co-operative that is a shareholder in The Township Winery. They produce the organic grapes and vegetables and man the stalls stocked with crafts, art and wine at the Winery.